Why Harmony Foundation?

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Curriculum

At Harmony Foundation, prior to registration process, we comprehend the medical history of the patient and according to that we start with our alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment in Mumbai. Due to the individual’s medical report, it becomes easier for our medical team to deal with the addict and they come to know the minute details of the person and the level of addiction. Family background also matters, so we also enquire about the family members, in case if anyone in the past has gone through with this situation.Thu,s in this way the patient will get the appropriate treatment of alcohol & drug rehabilitation.

Apart from treatment

No doubt, that the first and foremost priority of Harmony Foundation is to treat the addiction of alcohol & drug. But apart from that we also help the individuals to find out their own identity. Harmony Foundation changes the personality of the persons and makes them eligible from all the prospects of life, so that they can fight against the competitive world and can live with dignity in the society. We help them to gain their self confidence through which they can start a new life and can resume to their hobbies, or can make up with their broken relationship.

Harmony Foundation is a Home

The aim of Harmony Foundation is to make the society free from the harmful effects of alcohol & drug addiction. It is the second home for the individuals that take care of them just like their own family.

Family support

Harmony Foundation understands the trauma of the family and their grievances. Addiction is the disease that not only ruins the life of an individual but also the family member’s life becomes hell. We, at Harmony Foundation, support them and guide them to deal with this. We assist their family members in coping up with their dear ones. We keep contact with their families throughout the rehabilitation process. Creating awareness among their families and educating them about the aftercare treatment of alcohol & drug addiction is the ultimate motto of Harmony Foundation.

High staff-to-resident ratio

At Harmony Foundation, we have set a limit bar of the residents, so that the proper attention is given to each and every individual. At the end, personalized treatment and care of each person matters. Our staff thus studies each person’s report and makes them a responsible and good human being.

Affiliation with medical professionals

Here, we have a big team of medical experts and psychiatrists who are excellent in their field and give the best treatment to the residents.

A meaningful life session

Harmony Foundation, rehab centre in Mumbai, arranges various activities and programs related to our day to day life. Every day we come up with the new ideas that teach the individual to grow on his own. Debate or discussion sessions are also conducted by us so that the individual can open up and state their point with confidence.

Food for the body and the soul

Proper diet is an important factor, apart from the other therapeutic treatments. Hence, at Harmony Foundation, the facilities of both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes are available, so that the individual doesn’t feel homesick and gets healthy diet. The innermost happiness is essential for the person. Hence, the person should be contented from within and can thus remain happy.

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