Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

Drug Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai

Majority of individuals are getting involved in consuming harmful drugs such as cocaine, heroin and many others. Usually a person comes in contact of such drugs while attending the rave parties, discotheques and due to bad company of people. The person don’t have any idea that the activity done by them just for fun will become their habit for life long and will take them to a different path of life where there will be only darkness and loneliness. Drug addiction directly affects the person’s nervous system and the individual starts behaving weirdly and at an extreme stage he/she has to lose his life. To protect the society and our future generation from this dangerous activity, Harmony Foundation Drug Rehabilitation Center serves you with the best remedies. Our center is famous across the world and even people from abroad are seeking for our help.

Drug Rehab Center in Mumbai   Time is Everything   

Treatments in Harmony Drug Rehabilitation Center


Drug Rehabilitation Center

Medical detoxification is a procedure that will safely and easily restrict the person from getting addicted to drugs; this is done under the guidance of medical professional. In this, all the toxins present in the body due to the chemicals included in drugs, are extracted. At our center every individual is being monitored keenly by giving one to one counseling to each and every resident. There are different types of training given to the person depending upon his/her age limit, time period of their consumption of drugs. Overall this recovery process will take 6-9 months. Harmony Foundation Rehabilitation Center has well qualified an expert who does group counseling that will definitely guide the person and will help them to overcome from drug addiction.

Self help groups:

We arrange peer counseling to help the individual to open up and share their feelings with other people who have already gone through this phase. In this way the resident can discuss among themselves and will feel better. Hence, in this treatment there is no need of any authorized person to look after them and to teach them the ways of communication. Here, the individual have to take the initiative and to find the way on his own.

Sobriety Maintenance:

After completing all the treatments and procedures from our center, follow up checkup is a must and should be followed by every person. This will be beneficial for relapse prevention.

Following these programs the individual’s life will get stability and can concentrate on his future goals.

✓ Must attend the meeting of Narcotic Anonymous

✓ Regular Yoga will be the best option

✓ Meditation will surely discard the addiction

Therefore, Harmony Foundation Drug Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai is the perfect choice for drug addicts. People can read the reviews given by the patients who were once associated with us. And now they are living a wonderful life with their families and loved ones.

We are one of the best drug rehabilitation centers in Mumbai.

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