Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai

Nowadays we see that majority of people are addicted to alcohol. The reason behind this is the growing competitive world where everyone is struggling to achieve their ambition and want to be on top. There are other reasons also like continuous stress of work and other personal issues. Some people think that alcohol is the best way to get freedom from worries and to reduce their stress levels. But once the person gets accustomed to it, it ruins not only their life but their family members also have to suffer. Therefore, to stop these things and to change the scenario, Harmony Foundation Alcohol Rehabilitation Center is established in Mumbai which will make the person free from the obsession of drinking. It will then automatically change the life of a person and their family members. At our Harmony Foundation rehab center, we have brought happiness in lives of many families.

Alcohol Rehab Center in Mumbai   This shall too Pass   Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai

Treatments of alcohol obsession:

To come out from this addiction, there are various treatments involved in our center.
One of them is:

Alcohol detoxification and withdrawal:

Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai

This is the process in which a person who is addicted to dinking has to first go through alcohol detoxification. In this, a person is supposed to strictly stop the consumption of alcohol. This is a very difficult process as the prolonged intake of alcohol has left some substances in the body which will increase the tempting of it. Therefore detoxification is done which will first extract the alcoholic impurities from the body. The recovery process will take 6 to 9 months. During this process, a drinker will experience some withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, restlessness, hallucinations etc. Thus, we, at Harmony Foundation the best de addiction center in Mumbai, perform this process under one to one counselling with the individual.

Spiritual practice:

In Harmony Foundation Rehabilitation Center, user will also be provided with spiritual treatment like if earlier he/she was interested in religious practices then it would be easier for our health experts to make the individual come out from this harmful drinking activity.

We arrange some spiritual programs like:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation

The above programs will help the addict to rejuvenate his innermost strength and he will be diverted to other useful activities.

Maintaining Sobriety& Relapse prevention:

Once everything is being medically examined in our center and when the person is being discharged, after that also care should be taken so that the person will not get addicted again.
Thus in order to maintain the stability, it is essential that addict should practice the following things

✓ Should attend the meetings of (Alcoholic Anonymous) AA

✓ Must have full support from family.

We are one of the best alcohol rehabilitation centers in Mumbai. Every year, because of our well trained team, we are successful to give alcohol free life to every individual. Due to enormous positive response of the people we are at this position and always try to give our best.

We are one of the best alcohol rehabilitation centers in Mumbai.

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