Harmony Foundation – First step to make addiction free society

“Make your life Healthy & beautiful by quitting alcohol & drugs“

Harmony Foundation Rehabilitation Center was established by Mr. Abhijeet Patil in October 2014 in Navi Mumbai. To make the society free from the trap of alcohol & drug addiction is our sincere motto. The idea to start up with Rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, strike in our mind, when we saw that there are thousands of people who are making their life hell by becoming slave of alcohol & drugs. To reduce the ratio of the addicts and to protect the society from the waves of these harmful factors, we started with our rehab center in Mumbai and are working on this issue. Our experienced health experts and other staff members give their best to make the addicts feel like a home. Every time, our team comes up with an innovative ideas which makes our foundation feel proud. Complete hygienic facilities are available and friendly environment is found in our rehabilitation center.

Why we are different from others?

At Harmony Foundation, the addict is not just treated, but it’s their reincarnation! We implant them the values of responsibility and humanity. Our rehab center give them new hope and aim through which they can move ahead in their life and can reach at the peak level of success. Treatments like detoxification, spiritual practice and many other programs are arranged by our health professionals in order to make the addict a better human being. Meetings with the addict’s family members are conducted; where our counselors guide them and boost of their morale. How to remain calm and patient in such conditions is being taught by our team. Our group discussion activity makes the addict to speak up and to share their thoughts with others. AA & NA meetings are also arranged which is beneficial for the patients.

Harmony Foundation has taken this initiative to get rid of alcohol & drug addiction, still there is a long way to go. In the coming years, we will come up with more unique and excellent solutions which will certainly prove to be valuable for everyone. Friends, don’t lose hope and surrender yourself in front of alcohol & drugs, Stand up! And see around, Harmony Foundation rehabilitation center is always ready to give you a warm welcome!

“It’s better to be late than never”

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